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Topic BSc MSc
Principles of project planning Principles link BSc Principles link MSc
Project initiation Initiation link BSc Initiation link MSc
Project lifecycles & planning Time planning link BSc Lifecycles link BSc
Time planning link MSc
Identifying tasks & estimating Produce-based planning link BSc Estimating link MSc
Produce-based planning link MSc
Quality issues Quality control link BSc Quality control link MSc
Anticipating problems & motivation Risk and motivation link BSc Risk and motivation link MSc
Financial issues Winning support link BSc Winning support link MSc
Applying principles Applying principles link MSc
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BookRecomended text for my PM students:   Link to recommended book

Bob Hughes & Mike Cotterell
"Software Project Management"

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MethodsProject management methods:

EstimateEstimating and metrics:

QualityQuality issues:

RiskRisk management:

FinanceFinancial appraisal:

programmeProgramme management (or program management in US spelling):

ArticlesArticles that don't fit into any above categories:

Consultancy and training servicesConsultancy and training services:

SoftwareProject management software:

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Meanwhile, here are some links you may be interested in...

  • MS Project from Microsoft
  • Ace Project is available for free in hosted form by Web Systems in Quebec or can be installed on your Intranet. It helps you manage multiple projects, track software errors, record time sheets etc. (Aussi en Francais.)
  • The AMS REALTIME Product Suite from Advanced Management Solutions.
  • Atlantic Global provides solutions for project planning and management, timesheet and expenses management, and project portfolio management.
  • ATC Professional, from InterPlan Systems Inc., is specifically designed to plan oil refinery and petrochemical plant maintenance projects (also called turnarounds).
  • Autodesk has a variety of software products.
  • Clarizen provides project scheduling, work and resource management, collaborative time and budget tracking, and change management using SaaS. (Free trial version available.)
  • CobaltPM is an on-line tool for scheduling tasks, tracking status, and collaborating with your team.
  • ConceptDraw Project provides tools that support brainstorming and creation of new ideas, process planning, resource management and project execution, result tracking and presentation. The product provides an integrated document workflow feature that solves the problem of exchanging documents between mind mapping, project management and drawing software so provides integrated document workflow between applications.
  • Easy Projects .NET is a web based project management & task tracking system for IT projects, and includes timesheets, defect tracking as well as typical task management.
  • EPIwareallows you to share project calendars, documents and so on
  • eprojXperts.com a web portal for ERP Project Management consultants, with details of various software products.
  • eStudio, from Same-page.com, provides a customisable virtual office that includes online project management tools, business work flow etc.
  • Iksana, by IdeaWeavers, is a modular suite of web-based business applications.
  • Infowit is a web-based project management software solution that allows clients, vendors, and agencies to communicate and collaborate on projects in real-time. Designed for the creative industries.
  • InventX provides a range of software for project and portfolio management, plus methodology support.
  • IRIS PROJECTminder is web based project management software that claims to help improve decision-making and forecasting, enabling you to predict time and costs accurately and take appropriate action.
  • Liquid Planner is an online project management system for scheduling, collaboration, and time-tracking in a single package. Free for educational and non-profit use. 30-day trial period available to everyone else..
  • Milestones from KIDASA Software.
  • MPMM from Method123 helps you build, customize and share project management methodologies. You can also create your own project management process, life cycle and templates.
  • OPX2 from Planisware.
  • Priority Matrix, from Appfluence, is designed to help you prioritise and coordinate your team's activities.
  • OurProject, from ACME Interactive, Inc., is a hosted system that supports collaborative project management, including project planning, project workflow and project reporting. (Three versions.)
  • P2MSP, from Structured Project Management Solutions Ltd, is a toolkit that integrates PRINCE 2 documents and activities into Microsoft Project.
  • PlanBee critical path project management planning tool is available with a free trial period.
  • Planbox is full-featured software for agile projects that lets you plan, collaborate and deliver.
  • ProWorkflow is a web-based job book, task and time management system.
  • ProChain Scheduling, from ProChain Solutions, uses the Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management approach.
  • Project Drive online, secure and fully customizable system that offers Gantt charts calendaring and collaboration.
  • PROJECT in a Box, operated from within Prosis Solutions Ltd., provides methodology-led project management tools for a range of methodologies and audiences. A variety of versions and add-ons are available.
    • Live Edition - using SaaS model.
    • Enterprise Edition - with the ability to create your own methods and processes.
    • Small Team Edition - methodology, document management, reporting, assurance, integration for up to 20 users.
    • Planner - Free Planning and resourcing, Risk and Issue Management
    • Personal Edition - Multiple methodologies you can customise also reporting and email integration at low cost.
    • Community Edition - Free document management tool for PRINCE2, lighter PRINCE2, DSDMAtern, ITIL and Sales process.
  • Project Kick Start claims to be fast and easy. Free trial available.
  • Project.net provides a project execution application which addresses the full project lifecycle - from planning through to completion.
  • Realization's Project Flow Engine focusses on aggressive but achievable delivery of multiple projects. Supports Critical Chain with Buffer Management.
  • Schedule Extreme Pro specifically designed to be easy to use and to produce results quickly.
  • Swiftlight is a simple, visual and easy-to-use desktop project management application. Free trial available.
  • TargetProcess:Suite is an integrated agile project management and bug tracking software. Download a free demo version.
  • TeamHeadquarters, from Entry Software Corp., is a collaborative project management system.
  • TeamPulse, from Telerik, specifically supports agile methods.
  • TimeTiger from Indigo Technologies.
  • TrioProject, from Triotime, is multi-user project management software that aims to structure projects into manageable steps and uses standard methods to create a repeatable project process.
  • Vertabase, from Standpipe Studios, has project tracking, resource allocation, timesheet management, workflow management, document sharing and storing and so on.
  • Project Manager .com, from Project Manager Online Ltd, is an online system that includes a project dashboard, task manager and collaboration tools for managing projects and tracking results.
  • ZilicusPM includes features for project planning, collaboration, budgeting, tracking, resource management, issue management, risk management, portfolio management, and more.

Automated toolsOther automated software tools:

I offer no warranty - expressed or implied - for the quality of the following items.

  • 6D Project Catalyst is a WBS dictionary and methodology tool built inside Microsoft Project from 6D Tech Inc.
  • @task is web-based project management software that provides project planning, reporting, management, and review. @task offers a free 30 day trial and can be purchased as an on-demand or on-premise solution.
  • AdminiTrack provides a web-based bug tracking application designed for software development teams.
  • Artifact helps companies manage offshore and onshore software development outsourcing contracts by providing a set of project management, application life-cycle, and dashboard tools in a hosted subscription-based service.
  • Bug-Track, from Bug-Track.com, allows you to organize errors, issues or defects into distinct projects. Being web-based, information is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • CalculateHours offers a free library of Excel timesheet templates, as well as a variety of time card calculators that are free. They may be useful for your business.
  • Comindwork offers a free online project management and collaboration tool.
  • CQR project Office, from CQR Data Ltd: PRINCE2-compliant collaboration software that automates project configuration, management, and quality control.
  • CRAMM Expert is software specifically designed to support the CRAMM V risk management method.
  • DataDrill dashboard and performance management software from Distributive Management  provides automated metrics collection, analysis, alerts and reporting.
  • elementool, Inc. have a web-based tool for tracking software errors.
  • EPIware allows you to share project calendars, documents and so on.
  • eTaskMaker, from InterPlan Systems Inc., helps you produce tasks lists, durations, resources and schedule logic for export to a range of project scheduling software.
  • e-tasks is an easy-to-use, free, web-based task management system.
  • eTimeMachine is a resource management and integration system that allows companies to get the most out of their MS Project and/or Primavera products.
  • Express Scheduler is a free scheduling software program. Import any file that contains tasks and the application will automatically schedule your project and resources with your requirements and constraints.
  • i-man supports the collaboration of project managers, stake-holders and resources.
  • InTask is designed to help team leaders, developers and QA persons to share their efforts and deliver the products on time. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook.
  • iPlanWare applications cover project management, resource management, scheduling and time and expense accounting.
  • IssueBridge, from Hurff-Webb, is an issue and defect tracking system that also helps with team communicaiton and knowledge management.
  • ITProjectTemplates.com provides project plans and deliverable templates to the project management community (free to members of the Project Management Institute).
  • Lighthouse from Artifact Software supports traceability for software projects. The basic version is available free.
  • metoCube PM Rapid Deployment Package is an add-on that loads the PMBOK's process structure onto metoCube Methodology Manager. In this way, you can streamline the adoption of the best practices described in the PMBOK guide by your organization, something that can boost project success rate.
  • MetricStream Inc. has software tools for risk management, issue management, change management, document management and so on.
  • MindGenius is mind mapping software that can help project managers and others when brainstorming. Of particular note is that MindGenius has an integrated Gantt chart view complete with task dependencies. Free trial download available.
  • OroTimesheet from OroLogic Inc. helps you manage hours worked, budgets, costs, billing and expenses. Free trial available.
  • PMPal has modules for software estimation, WBS, defect management, change management, timesheets and software metrics. A free trial is available.
  • PM Risk Manager Pro is a software tool for managing your project risks. It provides a way to document all aspects of your project's risk and stores this information a database.
  • PowerDMS Suite, from Innovative Data Solutions, is a compliance management solution for policy and procedure management, documentation, electronic signatures, training, testing, feedback, and more.
  • ProblemTracker is a Web-based collaboration tool bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.
  • Project InVision is a services automation platform providing lifecycle management, Web-based portfolio analysis, programme management and production support.
  • Project Management Methodology and Life Cycle Toolset, from Method123, helps you manage projects by giving you methods, processes, tools and templates to succeed.
  • Project Management Templates, from Method123, include helpful hints, real-life examples, charts and tables to help you manage projects.
  • Project Perfect helps manage risks, issues, scope, actions, benefits, budgets, QA, reviews, timesheets, documents, glossaries, checklists and diary notes.
  • Project Smart has document templates and other items of interest.
  • Projjex is an on-line collaborative workspace that allows you to share your tasks, documents, notes and meetings with colleagues and clients.
  • Requirements Manager - ReMa - helps project managers to track and manage requirements through the entire software life cycle.
  • ResultsXP help to manage personal and business commitments using web-based software. It also helps organize objectives, projects and tasks, and track progress and status.
  • Risk Radar helps you capture and manage the risk data from large or complex IT Projects.
  • SCEplus is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides COCOMO II software cost modeling capability.
  • SmartWorks allows people in a workgroup to share, track and manage information flow.
  • solutiontool's interaktive CD-ROM auf Methoden Lösungsfindung (in German).
  • Task Manager, from VIP Quality Software Ltd., is a client/server groupware system for project/ task management and team collaboration.
    It lets users plan human resources and tasks, manage projects, schedule employees, track time, automate their workflow. Free trial version available.
  • TeamPlan, from Webscape Ltd., is a web based project management tool that enables users located anywhere in the world, to work together collaboratively using real time information.
  • Time-Assistant, from Softerra, is a free web based time tracking service with timesheet and payroll automation.
  • Templates.App has a range of templates, some of which are tailored specifically for project management.
  • TimeScope provides time and expense tracking, cost calculation, multi-level project tracking, billing, budgeting, etc. Web or LAN.
  • TimeSheet from Heuristic Management Systems Inc. (HMS).
  • Tracker from Automation Center:
    • TrackerOffice extends MS Outlook with project management, time reporting, expense management, scheduling etc.
    • TrackerSuite extends Lotus Notes with Web-enabled project management, help desk, resource management, time reporting, expense management, sales force automation etc.
    • TrackerSuite.Net is a Web based project management system, which is capable of integrating with major email platforms including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • TrackStudio is a multi-platform defect tracking system based on Java. TrackStudio tracks bugs/improvement requests and features help for software teams working in different geographical locations.
  • Xpert-Timer, from Xpert-Design Software, is a networkable project time tracking software. It automatically runs in the background and monitors the time you spend on projects. Free trial version available.
  • yKAP (Your Kind Attention Please)a completely Web based product that includes defect tracking, issue management and messaging software.
  • Zephyr is an enterprise test management platform that manages all aspects of the testing lifecycle, integrates various test tools and systems and provides global access, collaboration and management visibility. It provides information about the inter-relationships between defects, test cases, requirements, documentation, automated scripts and metrics.

OrganisationsProject management organisations and institutes:

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