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Daniel Cunliffe: Teaching

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I have been a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer since 1996 and have been involved in most aspects of teaching, from the design and validation of courses and modules, through to the preparation and delivery of lectures and tutorials and the setting and marking of assessments.

From 2003-2006 I was an External Examiner at the Technology Innovation Centre which is a faculty of the University of Central England. This proved to be a very positive experience and one which I would thoroughly recommend.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), the professional body for those working in HE.



I am currently co-delivering four modules:

I also supervise final year degree, HND and Masters level projects.


Academic Responsibilities

I am currently one of two MSc Project Coordinators responsible for the management and running of the MSc projects within the Department.

I was previously Stage 1 Degree Tutor which broadly meant that I was responsible for the enrollment and progression of degree students in the first year of their studies.

I also have a role as a Pastoral Tutor in the School, providing support for students experiencing personal difficulties during their studies.

I am a Visting Tutor for supervised work placement students who spend a year in industry as part of their course.

I serve or have served on numerous committees within the university, including Departmental Quality Audit Committees and Departmental Ethics Committees.



Multimedia Computing, Cunliffe, D and Elliot, G. Crucial / Learning Matters, 2003.


Previous modules

In previous years I have taught a variety of modules and topics at all levels on HND, Degree and Masters level courses. The topics have included Human Computer Interaction, relational databases and introductory multimedia topics.