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Daniel Cunliffe: Research

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I see research as a essential component of my academic role and one which complements my teaching activities. My research interests have been fairly diverse over the years, within the broad area of Human Computer interaction. Recently, though they are focussing more and more on the issue of minority languages and technology. This has lead to the formation of the Computing and Minority Languages Group, a specialist research group within the School of Computing. However, semantic hypermedia and experience design continue to be important, ongoing research areas for me.

For details of my research publications please see my publications page.

A particulaly attractive aspect of the minority language research is that it is inherently multidisciplinary. This provides a good driver for collaborative research, something which I believe is especially important in this area of research. In order to achieve the broader aims of my research in terms of understanding how ICT can be used to maintain and revitalise minority languages I am happy to consider any opportunities for collaborative research that present themselves - so please feel free to contact me with any interesting ideas!



Areas of current research within the CaML Group include: minority culture and minority language communities online; Web sites for bilingual users; the language behaviour of bilingual users in online environments; and issues of internationalisation, localisation and indigenous production. The extent to which Internet based technologies pose both a threat and an opportunity for minorities is an underlying concern.

Research activities have included surveys of existing bilingual web design practice, the formulation of web design guidelines for bilingual sites, the study of bilingual users behavior online and surveying bilingual user opinion.



EPSRC Grant: Thesaurus-based access to multimedia collections: faceted retrieval tools, 121,130 - 1999 (co-investigator).

DERA research project: XML Enabled Firewall: A Proof of Concept, jointly with Information Security Research Unit, 48,421 - 2000.

HEFCW funding: Internet Technologies Research Lab, jointly with Information Security and Computer-based Teaching and Learning Research Units, 61,500 - 1999.



I am currently Director of Studies for three PhD students and Second Supervisor for two. The research projects cover a range of topics relating to minority languages, semantic hypermedia, and experience design.

I have acted as a PhD examiner at Thames Valley University (2009) and the University of Waikato (2007) and as external examiner for an MPhil at the University of Swansea (2001). I have been an internal examinier for five PhDs at Glamorgan.