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This section isn't really intended for public consumption, but people who are interested in similar things to me may find them useful. They are in no way meant to be comprehensive, but if you know of anything you think I would find useful, please let me know.

When the number of links reaches some arbitrary critical mass I'll sort them by topic, I just can't be bothered at the moment.



ADUM - information on EU funding for minority language projects.

Association of Internet Researchers - resource and support network, including newsletter.

Association of Internet Researchers Wiki - it's a wiki!

BBC Cymru'r Byd - Welsh language news service from the BBC, worth a look for the VOCAB translation service.

Byte Level Research - dedicated to the art and science of Web globalization. Resources, newsletter.

Canolfan Bedwyr - terminology and language engineering at Bangor University.

CATaC wiki - from the Cultural Attitudes towards Technolgy and Communication conferences.

Centre for Language Policy and Language Planning at Edinburgh University - tackling a range of subjects relating to language policy and language planning both within Scotland and internationally.

Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations - at the University of Glamorgan.

Colin and Cumberland - "the dingo speaks the lingo" a fun way to explore some of the UK's minority languages.

Communicating Across Cultures in Cyberspace - evolving Wiki version of the bibliographical review by Macfadyen, Roche and Doff.

COST Action 298: Participation in the Broadband Society - cross-disciplinary analyses of the social dimensions of people’s relationships to information and communication technologies.

Cultural Survival - US-based international indigenous rights organization, publishers of Cultural Survival Quarterly.

Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru - the professional body representing English/Welsh translators.

Cymdeithas Meddalwedd Cymraeg - the Association of Welsh Language Software.

Cymru Yfory – Tomorrow’s Wales - encouraging and supporting wider discussion in Welsh society of the Richard Commission Report recommendations on the powers of the National Assembly for Wales.

Darllen 'da fi - resources from S4C to encourage parents to read in Welsh with their children (In Welsh and English).

Endangered Language Fund - funding for preservation and documantation of endangered languages, plus some other useful resources.

Endangered Languages - site to assist in the protection and preservation of endangered languages.

EBLUL - European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages.

Eurolang - minority language news service.

Eurominority - Portal of European Stateless Nations and minorities.

GILC - Global Initiative for Local Computing, working towards culturally and linguistically appropriate access to computing and IT.

Gwales - Welsh Books Council online bookshop.

Foundation for Endangered Languages - 'The Foundation for Endangered Languages exists to support, enable and assist the documentation, protection and promotion of endangered languages.'

The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project - mostly concerned with the documenting of endangered languages.

The Institute of Localisation Professionals - The Institute of Localisation Professionals is a non-profit organisation which has the primary aim of developing professional practices in localisation globally.

Institute of Welsh Affairs - an independent think-tank publishing a range of interesting reports and a journal.

Language Archives Newsletter - mostly concerned with the documentation and archiving of endangered languages.

Language Conferences Worldwide - upcoming events in language, linguistics, speech and hearing therapy, translation, TESOL and related fields from Conference Alerts.

Language Documentation and Conservation - free on-line journal featuring fully refereed papers, technology reviews and book reviews.

Language Planning - "The Network of European Language Planning Boards is a Network established to promote cooperation between minority language planning boards in Europe."

Learn Welsh - BBC resources for Welsh language learners.

Linguamon: Case de les Llengues - the House of Languages established by the government of Catalonia to promote languages and linguistic diversity.

Localisation Research Centre - the information, educational, and research centre for the localisation community at University College Dublin.

Localisation Teaching, Training and Research Network - a network of academic organisations involved in the teaching and training of localisation professionals and in research into localisation-related issues.

Mercator Central - central hub for the Mercator network looking at various aspects of minority languages in the EU.

Mercator Media - minority language media in the EU.

Multilingual Computing - magazine and resources relating to the localization, internationalization, translation and language technology industry.

Nationalia - news and events relating to stateless nations in Europe and beyond, from CIEMEN.

NPLD - the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity.

NHS Welsh Language Unit - improving the provision of Welsh medium healthcare.

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies - various useful resources including book reviews.

Teaching Indigenous Languages - a collection of useful information and papers.

Technology and Social Action Wiki - a developing community of practice involving academics, practitioners and activists.

UNESCO Red Book of Endangered Languages.

Wales on the Web - Wales internet portal.

Welsh Language Board - responsible for promoting the Welsh language.

World Language Documentation Centre - a non-profit making organisation that champions linguistic research and facilitates the needs of linguistic communities, with particular interest in ISO and related standards.

Y Byd - soon to be the first national daily newspaper in Welsh.