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This academic year (2013/2014) I am teaching the following modules and they are available on Blackboard:

I am interested in research in a number of areas relating to computer network defence, computer forensics and reverse engineering of malicious software , and I am involved in various research projects. The main research question that I am attempting to address is how do you achieve security across a set of distributed hetergenuous systems/networks. In particular:: a) How do you create intrusion detection systems that can be easily extended across an entire enterprise and that can make use of many disparate and diverse sensor type, and b) How can you analyse the data produced by intrusion detection systems so as to perform real-time (or near real-time) threat assessment.

Consequently I am interested in the following general areas: Intrusion Detection Systems (Host and Network based), Information Security Early Warning Systems, Information Warfare, Information Assurance, Computer Forensics, Information Security & Computer Crime/Forensics.

I have published some papers in these areas. I have also written a book on Information Assurance:
  • Andrew Blyth and Gerald L. Kovacich, Information Assurance, Springer, 2001, ISBN 1-85233-326-X
I also make use of PGP for secure communications. If you want to talk to me in a secure manner then you can download my PGP Key.