Cardiff NGMAST16

10th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Security and Technologies

NGMAST 2016 Programme announced (Click Porgramme Tab) - Please note changes in Programme. It is now compressed to two days 24-25 August.

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NGMAST celebrates its 10th year! An amazing achievement!

With the vast increase of mobile apps development and adoption, the fast pace deployment of 4G LTE networks and the beginning of shaping the research agenda for 5G, the 10th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Security and Technologies (NGMAST2016) will be organised in Cardiff, the Capital of Wales, United Kingdom.

The conference will allow the participant to enjoy a cutting-edge conference keynotes and presentations in a historic and distinguished environment.

Similar to all previous NGMAST conferences, NGMAST2016 is IEEE Technically Co-sponsored conference and the proceedings will be published by IEEE CPS and will be submitted to IEEE Xplore. The Conference is also endorsed and partner with the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).

The main themes of NGMAST2016 will be 5G Technologies, Mobile Apps and Technologies. Therefore, it is truely going to be 5GMAST 2016. Security will be a major theme of the conference.

NGMAST 2016 is coming back to where it started and will be conrinuing following the significant success of previous conferences in Cambridge (2015), Oxford (2014), Prague (2013), Paris (2012), Cardiff (2011), Amman (2010), and Cardiff (2007, 08,09).

Following the established tradition, NGMAST'16 will focus on all novel aspects of technology, application and service development within the Mobile and Wireless Communications community. It aims to bring together a wide spectrum of international experts from the fields of research, business and policy, to facilitate a creative forum for the promotion of collaboration and knowledge transfer. In particular it will facilitate a dialogue between Government, SMEs, major industry players and academia to help create pathways for the development of common goals in a convergent network environment.

The three day conference programme will combine keynote speakers from both industry and academia with a multi-track technical programme. There will be opportunities to attend interactive, high quality, peer reviewed sessions which will provide detailed insights from forward thinkers working in the themes of the conference. The conference will include a number of specialised workshops as well. Additionally there will be an exhibition for both international business and niche market SMEs to display their latest products and services and to undertake a range of networking opportunities.

The conference is organised in collaboration the Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Emerging (CEMET) of the University of South Wales and it partners in the Mobile Innovation Network (MINE), UK.

In addition to IEEE, NGMAST 2015 is also technically co-sponsored by

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The proceedings of all NGMAST conferences were published by Conference Publishing Services (CPS) and IEEE Xplore and were indexed by all major indexing agencies.

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