Cardiff NGMAST16

10th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Security and Technologies


Professor Omer F. Rana

Professor of Performance Engineering and
   Head of Complex Systems Research Group
School of Computer Science & Informatics,
Cardiff University, UK


“Edge Clouds: Architectures & Deployment Models”

An architecture for undertaking data processing across multiple layers of a distributed computing infrastructure is introduced, composed of edge devices (making use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) based protocols), intermediate gateway nodes and large scale data centres. In this way, data processing that is intended to be carried out in the data
centre can be pushed to the edges of the network -- enabling more efficient use of data centre and in-network resources. Such an approach also suggests the need to re-think of cloud computing deployment architectures, requring a  "traditional" data centre-based cloud system to stretch to the network edge.
We suggest the need for specialist data analysis and management algorithms that are resource-aware, and are able to split computation across these different layers. A coordination mechanism is proposed that is able to combine
different types of data processing capability, such as in-transit and in-situ. An application scenario is used to illustrate the concepts, subsequently evaluated through a multi-site deployment.

Speaker's Bio

Omer F. Rana is Professor of Performance Engineering at Cardiff University, with research interests in high performance distributed computing, data analysis/mining and multi-agent systems. He currently leads the Complex Systems Research Group. He
was formerly the deputy director of the Welsh eScience Centre and had the opportunity to interact with a number of computational scientists across Cardiff University and the UK.
He currently serves on the steering committee of Cardiff University’s multi-disciplinary“Data Innovation” and “Energy Systems” Research Institutes. Rana has contributed to specification and standardisation activities via the Open Grid Forum and worked as
a software developer with London-based Marshall Bio-Technology Limited prior to joining Cardiff University, where he developed specialist software to support biotech instrumentation.
He also contributed to public understanding of science, via the Wellcome Trust funded“Science Line”, in collaboration with BBC and Channel 4.

Rana holds a PhD in "Neural Computing and Parallel Architectures from Imperial College (London Univ.), an MSc in Microelectronics (Univ. of Southampton) and a BEng in Information Systems Eng. from Imperial College (London Univ.).


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