7th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies

Mobile Learning Analytics

Apps and Appliances for supporting Learning Analytics with Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies

The growing use of ICT in education opens an unprecedented opportunity to collect and store data about learners and their learning behaviours.  Learning Analytics has emerged to makes use of this data to better understand the learning behaviour and identify learning problems. In principle Learning Analytics offer solutions for different stakeholder groups as the individual learner, the educator, or even on organisational levels. For the individual a reflection and a better understanding of their learning activities can lead to corrective actions and better self-regulated learning. Currently, the mobility of learners is increasing rapidly, understanding the behaviour of mobile learners is essential to widen the understanding of how students learn as well as understand their learning problems which helps in provided them with help and tailored solutions based on individual’s learning problems. In learning analytics different solutions for providing feedback or triggering self-reflection are discussed. The special session will discuss and present concepts of learning analytics in mobile applications as the contributors think that a variety of the activities triggered and supported by learning analytics are highly appropriate and even preferred to be used in mobile applications. The type of personal information on performance and behavior presented to learners further makes mobile personal apps the ideal platform for Mobile Learning Analytics.

In that sense Mobile Learning Analytics is defined in this session as:

‘MLA focuses on the collection, analysis and reporting of personal data of learners on mobile and ubiquitous appliances. Data can be collected and aggregated from a variety of sources as mobile  interactions  between  learners,  mobile  devices  and available  learning  materials;  it  might  be  also  supported  by  the  preregistered  data  about learners in different university systems’(Aljohani &Davis ,2012). MLA describes and discusses solutions for Mobile Learning Analytics as Mobile Dashboards, Notification and Data Collections Systems, Experience Sampling Applications, Performance Meters, Sensor-Based Appliances for Learning Analytics, or Quantified Self Support for Learning.’

Topics of Interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Mobile Performance Apps
  • Quantified Self for Learning Analytics Apps
  • Mobile Analytics Dashboards and the consideration of designing them.
  • Mobile Feedback Systems and Performance Analytics
  • Mobile Apps for Sensor Data Monitoring
  • Mobile Experience Sampling Applications
  • Research methods, ethics and implementation of Mobile Learning Analytics
  • Evaluation of Mobile Learning Analytics


Paper submsission can go through the main conference paper submission page (Author info). The papers will assigned to the session after reviewing.

Session Coordinator:

Naif Aljohani , King Abdulaziz University,Saudi Arabia (PhD researcher , University of Southampton ,UK) 

Christian GlahnETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Marcus SpechtOpen Universiteit Nederland, The Netherlands

Hugh Davis University of Southampton , UK 

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