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Keynote Speakers


Keynote speakers of NGMAST’08


  Professor Henry Tirri
  Head of NRC System Research  
  Nokia Research Center



  Professor Thomas Magedanz
  Professor, TU Berlin,

  Head of NGNI, Fraunhofer Institute,



Professor Imrich Chlamtac
CREATE-NET Research Consortium
Bruno Kessler Honorary Professor,
University of Trento



Dr. Radoslaw Piesiewicz,

Head of Broadband and Wireless Area





Dr. George Kontopidis
NMS Communications





Keynote speakers of NGAMST’07 were

Using Mobile TV: Trials, Expectations, Commercial Realities, and Social Behaviour
Tim Regan, Researcher

Enabling next-generation mobile services - UK spectrum policy Peter Bury, Director of Spectrum Policy

Wide Area Wireless Ethernet Providing Ethernet based services over Mobile WiMAX - Architecture, Interfaces, Applications
Max Riegel, Head of the WiMAX & IEEE standardization

Applying SOA to Real-Time Communications Application Development
Chris Haddock, Director,
Ubiquity Developer Network (UDN)

The Environment Is The Application It Really Is All About Web 2.0
Eric Burger, Deputy CTO













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