ASMTA history

ASMTA'12 is the 19th International Conference on Analytic and Stochastic Modelling Techniques and Applications. This conference is an annual event. Information on previous conferences is listed below.

18ASMTA 2011Venice, Italywebsite
17ASMTA 2010Cardiff, Wales, UKwebsite
16ASMTA 2009Madrid, Spainwebsite
15ASMTA 2008Nicosia, Cypruswebsite
14ASMTA 2007Prague, Czech Republicwebsite
13ASMTA 2006Bonn, Germanywebsite
12ASMTA 2005Riga, Latviawebsite
11ASMTA 2004Magdeburg, Germanywebsite
10ASMTA 2003Nottingham, UK
9ASMT 2002Darmstadt, Germany(Analytic and Stochastic Modelling Techniques)
8ASMT 2001Prague Czech Republic
7ASMT 2000Hamburg, Germany
6ANMT 1999Erlangen, Germany(Analytical and Numerical Modelling Techniques)
5ANMT 1998Manchester, United Kingdom
4ANMT 1997Singapore
3ANMT 1997Istanbul, Turkey
2ANMT 1996Budapest, Hungary
1ANMT 1995Prague, Czech Republic