Quality control

Even fairly common software errors can cost up to 1000 to correct. Measures you can take to reduce the occurrence of errors may pay for themselves surprisingly quickly.

Such measures might include:

General recommendations

Quality cannot be "added in" by the quality control process. Good quality products are made that way from the start, not improved by testing at the end of a project

Some individuals consistently produce work of high quality (and others consistently poor quality), so choose a good team

Make everyone in the organisation responsible for the quality of the final product(s). This is the basis of "Total quality management" or TQM Encourage a quality culture in the organisation

Quality reviews

Effect on the corporation

Companies have to work hard to earn a reputation for high quality projects (bad reputations come more easily)

A poor quality project can put a supplier in breach of contract, and the customer may stop all payments to them (even for software and services unrelated to the project in question)

A customer is unlikely to sign a contract with a supplier that has run unsuccessful projects in the past

Can a company limit their liability for poor software?

(Some current UK legal cases concerning contractual liability limitation discussed here)

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