Product-based approach

This approach emphasises products (or deliverables) rather than tasks

The PRINCE method uses a product-based approach

There are two diagrammatic tools

Product-based approach

Product Breakdown Structure

The Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) is similar to a Work Breakdown Structure, but...

Products to be included in a PBS are

Example of a PBS

PBS diagram

Product Flow Diagrams (PFD)

A critical path diagram shows which tasks must be complete before the next starts. The Product Flow Diagram shows which products must be complete before the next can be produced

Example of a PFD

PFD diagram

Turning a PFD into a CPA

We will need at least one task to make each product. We may also need another task to bring components of composite products together. Every product will require a quality review meeting

Task dependencies will either be:

Turning a PFD into a CPA: example

Conversion diagram

Product-based vs. task-based



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