Problem 1: Responsibility

Team members will normally be in the organisatio's hierarchy, so will have a line manager

They will also be reporting to the project manager, often this is not the line manager, so they will have two managers

"No servant can serve two masters... he will hate the one and love the other..." Luke 16:13

They will be given work not part of their normal work (projects are "novel")


Problem 2: Co-ordination

Team members won't know what they should do

They won't know when to do it


Problem 3: Control

Team members will be working on a project not necessarilly driven by their department, so project work might not always be given high priority

The project manager won't normally be the line manager of every team member

The project manager can't be closely involved in every task in progress


Problems and solutions

It may be helpful to consider project management under the three headings mentioned:




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