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What is a project?

Question: Which of these are projects?

  1. A project team is responsible for replacing PCs over 4 years old wth the latest hardware and software. When these become 4 years old, they too will also be replaced
    Ongoing work, not project work
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  2. A team is working to produce analysis and design documentation to SSADM standards for an application that is required desperately
    End result not useful in itself. A stage?
  3. You are asked to examine the processes of a warehouse, and implement a more streamlined approach that is cheaper to run and provides a better service
    No software, but a project nevertheless
  4. You are expected to improve programming standards this year
    A deadline, but no definition of final product

What is a project?

A project is a set of related tasks that are coordinated to achieve a specific objective in a given time limit

Key words

Note: The word "project" is often used in educational institutions to describe work done by one person. This is not how typical software projects are run

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