Extreme Programming (XP)

A late 90's development based on the RAD ideas


What is special about XP?

Four values

Communication, Feedback, Simplicity, and Courage

We design by coding

A thought

eAD (2000): "If changes are continuous, then we'll never get an up-front design completed. Furthermore, as changes become more unpredictable -- a great likelihood today -- then much anticipatory design likely will be wasted."

XP and project management

Each element of functionality is called a story, and each one is written on a card. The project scope and plan is simply and efficiently created by manipulating the cards by hand. Progress monitoring is achieved by tracking the unit test for each story.

Quality is assured by two main themes. Paired programmers ensure learning, adherence to standards, and avoidance of errors. Unit tests are core to coding and are designed before writing the code. The programmers are responsible for proving to the customer that each unit works correctly, rather than the customer having to prove that it doesn't work. See Hutcheson (2004) for a discussion of software testing in XP projects.

Efficiency is gained through


Extreme Programming

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Agile methods in general

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