User relationships: User satisfaction surveys

If you've ever manned a help desk you might find this hard to beleive...

How can we ensure these situations are corrected?

A periodic survey can provide feedback

User relationships: Perception management

Providing a good level of service is only part of the story in keeping users satisfied

Isers must also realise or perceive that the standards of service they receive are high

Question: Suppose you are managing a system that provides 98% availability, but the system goes down occasionally. Will management hear about the 98% up-time, or the 2% down-time?
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No surprise: the 2% down-time!


User relationships: Perception management

We can consider service level and perception as a table (Synnott & Gruber, 1981)

   User perception   

If we provide a good service and everyone knows it, we are in zone 1.

Sometimes service drops; we are in zone 2.

When users realise it, we are in zone 3.

Zone 4 is what perception management is all about. We are providing a good service but no-one realises.

Question: How can we fix this problem?
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Circulating results of user satisfaction surveys?

Acting on the user satisfaction surveys?


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