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A shocking case study

Kathleen Grundy, an 81-year-old widow, ex-Mayoress of Hyde, respected and trusted her GP. She had followed him when he set up his solo practice and shortly before her death had even considered making a £200 donation to his practice fund. She was found dead on 24 June 1998.

On Monday, 31st January 2000 the jury at Preston Crown Court convicted Dr Harold Shipman of murdering Mrs Grundy and 14 others.

Estimates of the number of people killed by Shipman range from a conservative 76 to over 1000.
"Harold Fred Shipman: An account of the murderous GP of Hyde" Gerald England (2000)

Itís possible Shipman murdered more people than any other lone person in history. How?
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Trust in his profession

Ethical, social and professional issues

The issue of trust is important to any profession, including computing. The public have a right to be able to trust someone who is an expert in a subject about which they understand little

We would not want the computing industry to become a by-word for sharp practice and self-interest (c.f. certain other sectors)

In this lecture we shall be

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