Changes from the 1984 Act

1984 Act 1998 Act
Scope Automatically processed data only Both automatically processed and structured manual data (transitional provisions apply)
Personal data is about individuals, excluding statements of intention about individuals, including statements of intention
Classification of personal data only one class two classes, one of which can be processed only in specific circumstances
Data subjects have the right to be told what information is held about them what information is held about them, how it was obtained, why it is being processed and to whom it may be disclosed. They should also be told criteria for automated decisions.
Subjects can seek compensation after illegal processing has been done an injuction to prevent processing happening, or compensation after illegal processing has been done
Legal action can be against directors directors or managers
Personal data may be transferred to anywhere registered only within European Economic Area or other approved locations
Personal information owned by person called "data user" controlled by "data controller" and processed by "data processor"
Exemptions from the Act Many Even more!
Act policed by Data Protection Registrar Information Commissioner

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