Performance monitoring


Three ways of measuring performance

Data collection methods

(Linthicum, 1995)

Application Response Management

One way to refine the event driven approach is to use programming interface technology for Application Response Management (ARM PIT).

Programming interface calls are built into each software component. A central system records the start and finish time of each section of code. Managers can compare each component's contribution to the overall delay.

However, the cause of a delay might be hardware (router / storage / modem). ARMPIT helps us narrow down the search for slow running components

(Hunter, 1998)


Queuing analysis

A mathematical model can be built for a specific system.

The progress of a transaction is represented by a series of queues which, in turn, represent the system resources.

Discrete simulation

Instead of using analytical techniques, a simplified system is actually built and transactions followed through it.

Resource utilisation figures and response times should be the same as for a real system.

Spectrum of CPE techniques

Low complexity and cost
Rules of thumb
Linear projection
Queuing analysis
Discrete simulation
Automated benchmarking
Manual benchmarking
High complexity and cost
(But beware spurious accuracy!)

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