Third International workshop on
Co-located with NGMAST 2010
26th-29th July 2010, Amman, Jordan

Deadline Extended - 7th April 2010
NGNOPS '10 Joins hands with IPv6 Forum Jordan.
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NGNOPS Workshop is being Technically Co-Sponsored by SIP FORUM. 

We invite papers that conform to the workshop theme mentioned below. We also request you to contribute to the workshop programme and block dates between the 26th to 29th July, 2010 for the conference and workshops.

Why this workshop?

 Converged networks and services are becoming a fast reality to provide anytime, anywhere networked services. While the standards bodies and the processes are providing the necessary normalisation by way of standards, the implementation of standards compliant networked systems to provide for converged services require development and test deployments before they go into production networks. Open Source software packages in these areas will make a difference by their availability and therefore providing a means of test deploying the new services. However, the challenge is to identify what is available as well as what is expected to be available from the open source community in terms of such software packages.

The proliferation of mobile computing provides scope for many innovative mobile applications. Emerging open mobile devices, and devices that come with open development kits would make available the development environment to a large developer community. Such resources, projects and/or communities need to be identified and/or facilitated.

From a business perspective, there is a big opportunity to realise cost effective services by providing cost effective solutions. This is true of markets in South and South-East Asia. Can open source solutions make a difference here? Are they interoperable with other commercial solutions? Again, what is available and what will be available?

Finally, are there any technical concerns in the open source developer community that are not addressed? Would this community require any additional facilitation? The NGN-OPS workshop intends to address these issues.

In this edition the workshop shares the platform with the IPv6 forum, Jordan to mobilise and address the IPv6 causes and concerns.

Objective of the workshop


The objective of the NGN-OPS workshop is to discuss the open source activities contributing to aspects Next Generation Networking (NGN), mobile devices, development environment and open source technologies enabling in creating an open ecosystem. In this edition, we are joining hands with IPv6 Forum Jordan, to address the issues of IPv6 and next-generation Internet. We are inviting both theoretical, developmental and experimental papers as well as work-in-progress research projects. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Dr.Chitra Balakrishna

Gopi Krishna Garge

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