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Mobile Computing 2015 Law of Large Numbers



Henry Tirri

VP, Head of NRC Systems Research





In the evolution of computing we have witnessed the trend of  moving from centralized mainframes to networked, highly distributed heterogeneous computing devices. At each evolutionary phase in this timeline -  time-sharing mainframes to minicomputers, minicomputers to personal desktop computers, desktop computers to laptops, laptops to mobile handsets and PDAs a new scale challenge has emerged: scaling in memory capacity, scaling in computational speed, scaling in networking architecture and protocols, scaling in energy consumption. Such scaling challenges are not driven only by technology; they are deeply intertwined with new usage patterns and applications of the computing devices in a complex feedback cycle of global macrotrends and enabling technologies.
In this talk we will discuss the interesting scaling challenges we are facing during the next decade of evolution in the so-called mobile computing era and their impact on emerging applications and services enabled by solving these challenges. In other words: What will the next 5 Billion computing devices enable us to do?



Dr. Henry Tirri is Research Fellow and VP, Head of Systems Research in the Office of the CTO. Systems Research is the unit of NRC (Nokia Research Center) intent on driving breakthroughs that will reach far into the future, enabling new business opportunities for Nokia. As Head of Systems Research, Henry is responsible for labs worldwide that pursue disruptive innovation. Systems Research interacts closely with all Nokia functional units and promotes open innovation, working on research projects in collaboration with universities and research institutes around the world.

Henry joined Nokia in 2004 as Research Fellow at Software and Applications Laboratory. He has extensive experience in running both research activities in the fields of intelligent systems and networking. Before joining Nokia he was the Head of Graduate School at University of Helsinki, Head of Intelligent Systems Laboratory and was leading a large world-class research group in probabilistic modeling. Among other distinctive positions, he has served as Research Scientist at MCC, MTS at At&T Bell Laboratories, Visiting Scientist at NASA AMES, and Visiting Professor at Stanford University and UC Berkeley. He was also Vice President of Scientific Operations and Co-Founder of Ekahau.

Henry holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Helsinki, Finland. He is also a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki and an Adjunct Professor of Computational Engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology. His interests lie in various subfields of Artificial Intelligence, information theory, search technologies and wireless sensor networks.

Henry is the author and co-author of more than 175 academic papers in various fields of Computer Science, Social Sciences and Statistics. He has five patents.