Convergence of Man and Machine Processes in the Emerging Internet


Imrich Chlamtac

President of CREATE-NET

 Honorary Bruno Kessler Professor

       at the University of Trento,




Radoslaw Piesiewicz, Dr.-Ing.

Head of Broadband and Wireless Area








The convergence of biology and engineering is one of the fast growing phenomena in IT research currently.

The emerging networks, characterized by billions of simple, inexpensive devices, do not lend themselves to classical networks optimization and management.  To reach efficient operation and equilibria these networks need to develop effective collaboration strategies in the absence of central control, autonomously.

Inspiration for these systems can be drawn from biology.

Based on autonomic local interactions these novel models of system design and control are a candidate for providing integrated communication service environments with the  scaling and adaptation needed  to face the constantly changing,  growing and unpredictable user expectations in cost, services and response quality.



Imrich Chlamtac Biography


Imrich Chlamtac is the President of CREATE-NET, a non-profit international research institute and the Honorary Bruno Kessler Professor at the University of Trento, Italy.   In the past he was with Technion and UMass, Amherst, DEC Research and helped found several successful technology firms, including Consip Ltd and BCN Inc, one of the largest System Integrators in central Europe.

 In his academic life he  has held various chaired professorships in USA and Europe including the Distinguished Chair in Telecommunications Professorship at the University of Texas at Dallas, Sackler       Professorship at Tel Aviv University, "University Professorship" at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Honorary Professorship from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


 Dr. Chlamtac is the  recipient of various professional award including Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the ACM, Fulbright Scholar,       the ACM Award for Outstanding Contributions to Research on Mobility and the IEEE Award  for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Wireless

Personal Communications. Dr. Chlamtac published over four hundred refereed journals and conference articles and is listed among ISI's Highly Cited Researchers in Computer Science. He is the co-author of several books, including the first book on Local Area Networks (1980) and the best seller, Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures (John Wiley and Sons).  He has widely contributed to the scientific community as Chair of ICST Scientific Council,  founder and Chair of ACM Sigmobile, founder and steering committee chair of several  leading conferences, including ACM Mobicom, and various conference in collaboration with Create-Net, ICST and IEEE including Broadnets, Tridentcom, Securecom, WiOpt and Mobiquitous.  He also serves as the founding Editor in Chief of the ACM/Springer Wireless Networks (WINET), and the ACM/Springer Journal on Special Topics in Mobile Networks  and Applications (MONET).


Radoslaw Piesiewicz Biography


Radoslaw Piesiewicz is heading Broadband & Wireless area at CREATE-NET, where the main topics of interest are cognitive and reconfigurable radio systems, short-range communications with UWB, hybrid optical-wireless solutions and dynamic reconfiguration aspects in mesh optical networks. He is Work Package leader on Cognitive UWB Radio and Coexistence within FP7 IP EUWB and a member of WG3 Functional Architecture and Cognitive Pilot Channel inside ETSI TC Reconfigurable Radio Systems (RRS). He also represents EUWB consortium within the Radio Access Spectrum cluster of FP7 projects. Before joining CREATE-NET he worked in the Terahertz Communications Lab and in the Institute for Communications Technology, Mobile Radio Systems Department at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Earlier, he was with Fraunhofer IZM, Advanced Systems Engineering, Paderborn, Germany and before that with Axis in Gdansk, Poland. He received his Dr.-Ing. degree from the Technical University of Braunschweig with summa cum laude and MSEE from the Technical University of Gdansk with golden badge distinction. He holds more than 40 publications. He is also active as an expert evaluator for the projects financed by the European Commission in FP7 and for the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland.